Selenium Test Automation

Selenium is not just the popular open source for automation testing but it also widely used for automation testing by a wide range of startups, small and medium companies, and enterprises. Though Selenium has become the leading choice for tech giants like Microsoft and Facebook, there are some challenges. Speed and Quality are the benefits offered by crowd testing, we thought of driving those benefits into Selenium and offer Crowd based Selenium Test automation services.
Selenium Test Automation

Test Case Creation:

Creating Test Automation scripts to automate test scenarios for websites and web applications demand to do some tricky actions, which Selenium doesn’t allow and it implies to the need of writing an effective test script. Our crowd testers who have unparalleled expertise in Selenium help companies in Selenium test scripting to automate their test scenarios.

Test Case Review:

Reviewing Selenium test scripts is the most vital job where script optimizing and improving script quality comes into the picture. Companies can rely on our crowd testers for such vital job, our crowd testers carry the proven track record in Selenium test script creation and review.