Manual Testing

Crowd Testers at ClicSource test your application for functionality whether your application functions as expected or there are any bugs that impact your customer experience. Leveraging the crowd that we are building, we are now offering “Test Case as Creation as a Service”, “Test Case Review as a Service”, and “Test Case Execution as a Service”.
Manual Testing
Test Case Creation:
Test case creation is a skill to unveil the defects that an application has, which becomes a bottleneck for an application to work as it intends to. We have built a pool of crowd testers for test case creation by validating their skillset in creating effective test cases. Our crowd testers contribute utmost attention in test case creation with the highest preference even for minute details such as prerequisites.
Test Case Review:
Every test step is as important as the core functionality of an application, as test case review has the highest importance in test case workflow. Get your test cases reviewed by the experienced crowd testers. The way a test case has been written implies the impact on test execution and which implies the impact on defect detection, so every minute detail of a test case has to be thoroughly reviewed.