About Us

ClicSource is a cloud testing partner based on Crowdsourcing to increase Business Productivity. The best advantage of Crowdsourcing is that the work is done by a large crowd which enhances the chances of getting the work done more quickly and efficiently. ClicSource is a best-fit software testing solution for client companies since it enables client companies to get their applications tested by a large pool of experienced and talented Testing professionals without worrying much about the huge investments in testing environment and resources.

Salient Features


  • Bug Workflow for every individual bug
  • Specialized Validators for validating Bugs
  • Project Workflow for every client Project
  • ClicSource assigns relevant Testers to client Projects
  • Only valid Bugs are sent to the client
  • Testers can record the execution steps while posting a bug
  • Very flexible to integrate with any Bug Tracking Tool of choice
  • Options to record Requirement videos for the client. These videos can be viewed by the Testers as well
  • The clients can easily upload their requirement documents so that the Testers can perform Testing with the help of these Requirement Documents
  • Functional Testing, Performance Testing, Security Testing, Testing Environment as a Service and Cross Browser and Cross Platform Testing as Professional Testing Services


  • Reduced Testing costs
  • Quick Bug Reports
  • Pay for only critical bugs
  • Reduced Application Time to market
  • Testing across browsers/versions/platforms/devices
  • Option to record Requirements with both audio and video
  • Quick, affordable and high quality Testing for the Applications
  • Bug Review by ClicSource Testing Centre of Excellence (TCoE)
  • Complete Testing activity maintained by ClicSource Testing Centre of Excellence (TCoE)
  • Application Testing by a large workforce of talented and experienced Software Testers

Value Proposition

Our Value Proposition revolves around understanding and supporting the client companies  with their immediate needs in terms of Software Testing. We can help test your software applications on a wide range of devices quickly and efficiently through a large crowd of professional testers in ClicSource. ClicSource aims to simplify the complexity of software testing activities which requires highly paid testing resources, modern infrastructure and the required software testing tools. We only assign performance-ready and strongly motivated workforce of software testers for testing the real-time applications of the clients.
The Clients can reap benefits by many advantages like the ability to record the requirements in the form of audio and video, the cost effectiveness, the detailed Bug Workflow and Project Workflows, Validated Bug Reports etc.