How can you be part of a Crowd Testing Team?

Posted in: Blogs | 26 Jul 2017

For the last seven years, crowd testing has been widely adopted by companies, who believe in the power of disruptive change. Digital Transformation and the need to achieve faster to the market are the two key factors for new rules and patterns in QA to evolve. Crowd sourced testing is a shift towards testing approach where testing will be done by crowd to find defects in an application by implying real time conditions. Therefore, several organizations are looking at crowd testing to improve their applications quality and overall user experience.
How Exactly Crowd Testing works?
Companies, who wanted to be innovative in their QA, have already taken the leap and are making crowdsourced testing to work for their organizational goals. Likewise, looking at the need of crowd testing, testers who wanted to work independently are leveraging the opportunity to benefit themselves along with companies who crowdsource their testing activities.

Crowdsourced testing, as the name says, crowd is sourced for the purpose of testing. Testers who are part of that crowd are referred as crowd testers, and they get paid for the defects/bugs they identify in an application.
It is evident that companies, who have the budget to improve their QA outcome, have been pouring a lot of money to deliver quality software, faster. But still, they were not able to achieve what they are striving for. Crowdsourced Testing has become a boon for such companies, where their applications will be tested in real time conditions. . The process begins by recruiting a related group of testers with the required skill-sets for the project. They might come from diverse disciplines and positions. It could also be the end-users, depending on the nature of the project.
The key for the entry point is, how well and constructive is your feedback and how well you can resolve the issue. The testers from diverse walks are expected to assess various facets of the software application, as per the project plan. As per the defined process, feedback has to be given to the product development cycle. The feedback can even come from a group of students and professors at universities if it fits the requirement of the project.
Crowd Testing emerges from the benefits of the Cloud and fits into the concept of Continuous Development, Continuous Testing, and Continuous Delivery. Similar to any patterns and methodologies of development, Crowd Testing works by rules and disciplines. If you are an aspiring tester, there are ways you can enter the labyrinth.
Most of all, you need to be a tech and testing enthusiast. This is where the game begins for a tester to get started with Crowd Testing and become a part of the team. Let’s start with some key points to consider before taking the high road of testing as a crowd.
Choose the right company to work. And how?
Crowd Testing is an opportunity to explore the unknown if done with the right company it can be an enriching experience. Firstly, understand the depth of the project and the company’s capability to perform extensive projects. Experienced Crowd Testing companies can be the best choice to consider, as they have the processes and infrastructure in place. The governance model is ready, and there are few unknown territories during operational execution.
It is important that the company has a global footprint and vast experience in delivery. This implies there is a lot to learn and deliver. Understand the projects that they usually offer and choose what suits your skills and interests. For instance, mid-sized companies might offer only a handful of mobile application testing project. But you might choose the project, as it interests you. Another important aspect is to ensure that the Crowd Testing Company is financially stable so that there are no unforeseen payment hassles.
Work on your profile and make it look good
Once you choose whom to work and the project that is up for entry, start with your profile. Gear it up with the essential details that would be relevant for the company. It should include all details related to your experience and domain knowledge and submit your complete resume. It is also important to share your coordinates for any required communication.
Every company works with rules, and ensure that you strictly abide by them. For instance, the confidentiality clause related to their clients. The company has to find confidence in you to share such sensitive details. Nevertheless, the legalities will be taken care.
Register with multiple Crowd Testing companies
The flow of assignments might not be constant, and there could be a gap between the projects. So, it is recommended to register with 2-3 Crowd Testing companies. This way you can expect the work and variety of work pouring in on a regular basis. The dependency on a single company can be reduced. Moreover, you have to option to choose the projects as per your skill sets as well.
Let Money not rule your choices
The idea of Crowd Testing has been to enrich the experience and explore innovative outcomes. So, it is best to not confine to the money factor. Consider the depth of the project and figure out the learning curve. It is an opportunity to learn more and not just earn more.
In this way, Crowd Testing gives you an endless opportunity to revisit your skills and keep on refurbishing them for a better outcome. It’s like a university that pays you for learning and development.
Crowd Testing is a growing concept and the idea that diverse experiences amalgamate to ensure likely results is a superb idea to consider. Agile and DevOps have emerged and flourished as methodologies for development and testing. Likewise, Crowd sourced Testing is getting its share of the limelight lately. As testers, this is an excellent opportunity to become a part of the crowd and contribute to a massive movement. Moreover, it’s a contribution towards yourself for growth and learning.