The Benefits and Challenges of Crowdsourced testing

Posted in: Blogs | 03 Jul 2017

Crowdsourced testing is empowered with tremendous versatility which provides an unusually good return on investment for projects and businesses of all sizes.
Crowdsourced testing addresses today’s demand of specific and high-performance applications that require innovative test techniques which can assist software companies to produce quality applications in a very less time. In order to adapt to the changing user needs and requirements, the software companies have been making a lot of improvements in the software development and software testing procedures. These improvements are becoming the driving factors for success in the market place and the process of making revolutionary changes in the way software testing is conducted is continuing. Among all the ever-increasing demands, releasing the product in advance with unrestricted stress free experience and faster time to market are the main concerns that are changing the decisions of the companies to take up Crowdsourcing model.
Crowdsourced testing makes use of all techniques for testing the applications which can easily adapt to the every changing demand of the Software Testing industry. It also helps in forming a community of highly skilled and experienced software testers by inviting a major crowd of testers from across the globe. This large community of testers test the software products and the applications. Other than the many advantages offered by this crowdsourced model of Software Testing, this model is also very effective and scalable.
Crowdsourced testing introduces huge diversity into the testing effort, improves team productivity and performs testing using very low costs. All these benefits might not be experienced by adopting normal testing procedures with in-house testers. Over the past few years, Crowdsourced testing has been rapidly-growing as a realized model for Software Testing. Crowdsourced testing is a unique ‘On Demand’ Service offered by the Software Testing provider. In Crowdsourced testing model, a large pool of highly talented and experienced testers would be testing the applications and products.
Crowdsourced testing providers possess diverse testing teams who would be given tasks of finding valid and critical bugs in the client applications. The approach of a large crowd of testers who work on testing the same application with their unique testing processes helps the provider in giving a detailed bug report to the clients. The detailed bug report will cover all major and important functionality defects. This in turn helps the client companies in quickly finishing the testing phase. For this reason, there has been a constant increase in the number of companies who are shifting from the traditional methods of Software Testing to the Crowdsourced testing. With this model, preferred testing type is conducted by the testers of a global community which results in high-quality test coverage, faster time-to-market and lower QA costs.

  • Flexibility
  • Instantaneity
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Testing through valid and reliable Software Testers
  • High-level Security for the Project
  • Transparent Communication
  • Broad Testing Coverage
  • Quick Critical Bug Report
  • Faster Time To Market