Is Crowdsourced testing more powerful than Traditional Testing?

Posted in: Blogs | 03 Jul 2017

Crowdsourced testing helps to connect web and software development companies with professional software testers from all around the globe in a very short notice to test their interactive projects on different platforms and devices.
Due to lack of resources and frequent improvement in Software Development landscape, we see a paradigm shift in the way Testing is performed to a more dynamic way of Testing that is Crowdsourced testing.
Is Crowdsourced testing more powerful than Traditional Testing
Let us see how Crowdsourced testing influences the software quality and the reason companies are heavily dependent on the tremendous advantages of Crowdsourced testing over traditional Testing Models.
The methodology of the traditional way of Testing is based on formal methods and the procedures that govern the software quality assurance. The software development companies usually follow these type of activities in-house with the help of the internal teams only. This methodology is limited in efficiency as it is theoretically and economically challenging to cover a wide range of a spectrum or a huge scenario for a particular software application.
The huge rise in Mobile, Web, Browser versions, Platforms and Configurations under which the applications need to be tested and supported is creating an unbelievable nightmare in positioning the quality assurance in the software development companies as they should merge with traditional approaches. Now most of the companies are looking for Crowdsourced testing as it is cheaper and much faster than the traditional ways of Testing. The advantages of adopting the Crowdsourced testing is it allows the applications to be tested under the real world conditions and also a large crowd of Testers will be testing the applications. When a large crowd of Testers are testing the Applications, there is always a chance that these global testers will find some critical bugs which were not found by the in-house Testers. In addition to these benefits, the other benefits are that there is a scope for enhanced quality, cost cutting, less time to market and also the fresh viewpoints of testers’ community in finding critical bugs in a very short period of time.
In the Traditional method of Software Testing, the in-house testers are familiar with the applications they test regularly but they may not be exposed to a wide range of applications to be tested. But, the Testing team in Crowdsourced model consists of subject matter experts, beginners, professionals and real time applications users testing the applications simultaneously. And also, the Crowdsourced testing is competitive because of the dynamic nature, the flexible design and the ability to deliver quick results.
In Traditional Testing, the pricing of testing and testers will remain fixed. But in Crowdsourced testing these fixed costs can be modified to suit the Clients budgets. Crowdsourced testing is also flexible enough to accommodate the Testers by keeping in mind the Testers’ convenience, their requirements, experience and the skill sets. There is also a flexibility in choosing the number of Testers needed for testing the Products/Applications. So Crowdsourced testing is more effective, flexible and controllable in achieving high profits when compared to the Traditional methods of Software Testing. So the Software Companies and people are showing more interest towards Crowdsourced testing than the Traditional ways of Testing. Most of the companies are also enjoying the benefits provided by Crowdsourced testing.
So, we can definitely say that Crowdsourced testing is more powerful than the Traditional ways of Software Testing as it has got a lot of Advantages and as it also offers a lot of benefits.